Notorious in Libraries

My Overprice Tags projects from a few days back has been getting a bunch of attention.

Perhaps most interesting, the MIT libraries — whose journals we defaced augmented in the project — have been unbelievably positive about the project! They’ve written up a very positive description of the event on their website and published an interview with me as well!

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Benjamin Mako Hill

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2 thoughts on “Notorious in Libraries”

  1. This is really cool. I know from personal experience at my uni that journal pricing is outrageous and most libraries don’t want to see their whole budget go towards journal subscriptions. My undergrad university was a very small state university and we had very few scientific journals (People! Magazine yes, Journal of the American Chemical Society no). I t really does hamper scientific research when only the bigger schools with big enough budgets can get access to research paid for by taxpayer dollars.

  2. Thanks for your effort – it is really appreciated and I really hope it will some day be seen as one of the small things that started a paradigm shift!

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