19:08:30 -!- is is now known as as

My IRC nick-highlighting is such so that today, all messages directed toward a new person named imako on #ubuntu triggered my attention. While this is easy to fix, it made me consider how frustrating IRC with nick-highlighting must be if you have a nick that is also a common word in a language you communicate in.

I spent a few moments on Freenode today with nicks including the, and, is, it, to, an, as and a.

I was surprised that everyone of those nicks was registered with the nick server. I was not surprised that all were available at the time I tried and that all but the and and had been untouched for the better part of the year.

Let’s face it, if your nick was it, you wouldn’t enjoy IRC very much either.

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7 thoughts on “19:08:30 -!- is is now known as as”

  1. I’m using a little plugin script that sounds an alert when my name (or any other regexp) gets mentioned in Xchat. It’s handy for the way I use IRC. But I did have to modify it to only look for “matt” as a word-initial string after an extended conversation between two colleagues about the distinction between a “case” and a “matter”.

  2. Mine is simply ‘sunny’ … thus I really hate it when people talk about things like the weather … :)

  3. 19:39 -!- Irssi: as is now known as is

    Although my nickname is ema, ‘email’ isn’t highlighted here, so I can enjoy IRC quite like everyone else. :)

  4. I have dreamed for ages about an irc client with per-channel nick highlighting, and highlights based on regular expressions.

    Most UIs are getting simpler rather than more complex, so I don’t expect my wish to come true anytime soon.

    Jeff Bailey

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